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Work Place Stress Relief Clinics

Why do we run work place stress relief clinics? With 595,000 workers suffering with work related stress, depression or anxiety in the UK in 2017/18 leading to 15.4 million working days lost ( , finding an effective way to help mental health in the work place benefits the quality of life for employees, reduces the risk of mental health issues getting worse, as well as reducing sick days, and all the issues that can cause, from filling staffing gaps to completing projects on time.

We use the NADA treatment protocol for out work place stress relief clinics. The NADA treatment model follows the NADA U.S. five-point training protocol, developed at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Lincoln Recovery Centre in New York.

The process involves the gentle insertion of up to five fine, single use, sterilised, stainless steel disposable needles into specific points in the outer ear.

The outer ear acts like a switchboard that sends impulses to the brain, which stimulate the release of endorphins, lowers stress and induces relaxation.

The NADA-system is most suited to group settings. Your NADA practitioner will insert up to five needles in each ear for up to 30 minutes while clients sit in a relaxed atmosphere. During this time the client may fall asleep, experience a meditative state or just feel calm and relaxed.

ln the 1970’s the NADA protocol was developed to help addicts with their recovery dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, irritability and cravings. Since then NADA protocol has been found effective for a wide range of conditions.

Acupuncturist Without Borders has used it extensively in treating trauma during and after hurricane Katrina and have begun a national military outreach to veterans.

Group Acupuncture is simple and effective. There is no appointment necessary, no intake, no need to talk of past experiences. lndividuals simply come in and experience the benefits of the acupuncture.

What we need from you: space that 5-10 people at a time can sit quietly to receive the treatment.

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  1. Where do the needles go? – for the stress relief treatment we only put needles in your ears so no need to remove any clothing
  2. Does it hurt? – Ear acupuncture differs from body acupuncture as we don’t use guide tubes to help insert the needles, this means there can be a momentary prick when the needle is first inserted, otherwise you should feel little or no sensation.
  3. How long do the needles stay in? – to maximise the benefit of this style of treatment, it is recommended that you sit with the needles in for at least 30 minutes for maximum effect.
  4. What happens during the session? – once the needles are inserted, you sit quietly without distraction of conversation or phone screens. It is an option to listen to music if you wish (although when using your phone it should be on airplane mode to avoid the distraction of calls and messages), for this we only treat one ear so that you can have a headphone in the other while you relax.
  5. How will I feel after? – As with any form of treatment, people can and do respond differently. However the most common experiences are:
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • Feeling awake and energised
  • Better sleep
  • Less agitation
  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma
  • You may feel tired

“Adam and the team at The Jade Pathway Clinic, have been treating our team here at Mobas for over 6 months. The reason for the treatments are for general well-being and relaxation – all I can say is that the impact culturally has been fantastic, the team all look forward to the session and enjoy the positive results that the acupuncture delivers. Naturally within the business there was some tentative steps towards the initial treatment, but once everyone experienced the results they all (34) came back for more, every week! As a business leader I can’t recommend the relaxation acupuncture that Adam and his team deliver enough, it really has had a huge positive impact on the culture and the individuals all love the personal positive outcomes.”

R Bryant, joint managing director of MOBAS


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