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Zero Balancing

Dr. Fritz Smith, an osteopath, physician and acupuncturist, developed the principles of Zero Balancing in 1975. He understood the importance of integrating mainstream Western scientific approaches to body structure with concepts of energy and healing used routinely in the East.

The name Zero Balancing arose spontaneously from the description of a session that a recipient had just received.

Zero Balancing is a hands-on bodywork. It is performed with the client clothed and lying on his or her back. The actual hands-on work of a session may last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

Zero Balancing takes a person into a deep state of relaxation whereby work which is both gentle and firm can have a marked affect upon how a person experiences themselves.

It is recommended that a person has 3 sessions to begin with and then decides with their practitioner, what frequency would best serve them. Some people continue to have Zero Balancing regularly, whilst others find it particularly beneficial at times when they need to be functioning at their best or during periods of particular stress or transition in their lives.

Zero Balancing promotes a deep sense of physical and emotional harmony, allowing our own natural healing process to work more effectively. Zero Balancing benefits a wide range of people and has extensive applications in health and in personal development. The following are some of the areas in which it may be especially useful:

Flexibility and Posture

Zero Balancing focuses on the groups of joints in the body that are involved with the smooth transmission of forces through the weight-bearing skeleton – in effect they act as shock absorbers. Zero Balancing evaluates and improves the function of these joints, working towards optimum balance and efficiency in their relationship with each other and with the whole body. This encourages natural realignment and improved posture.

Stress Reduction

Zero Balancing is an effective and gentle way of dealing with accumulated stress in the body and in the mind. People feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated after a session, more able to understand and deal with the causes of their stress.

Body Pain

Pain usually occurs in those areas where energy flow is blocked or weakened, commonly in areas of tension or overuse. Zero Balancing restores energy flow, so removing the causes of pain and improving body awareness. There is a corresponding increase in flexibility, range and performance.

Reparative Touch

Natural responses to touch can become distorted by events such as trauma, abuse or prolonged physical or emotional pain. Zero Balancing establishes a clear interface between the therapist and the client in which the boundaries of touch and communication are distinct and non-intrusive. The safety of this respectful connection enables the client to reclaim their body and rediscover the positive aspects of human touch


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