Microblading originated approximately 20 years ago in Asia, and has become increasingly popular worldwide.  Not only as a cosmetic solution, but also to boost confidence following medical hair loss conditions (some conditions may require consultant/GP consent).

Microblading is a specialised technique using a manual hand tool, making a superficial incision and applying a natural based pigment, creating fine hair strokes, to fill, re shape and build a diminished brow.

Upon an agreement and results from the consultation and patch test, to determine skin type, shape and colour, the initial Microblading treatment can commence and will take approximately 2 hours.

The aftercare is an essential responsibility for the ultimate result and a secondary appointment (touch up) is necessary (no sooner than 4 weeks after the initial treatment) to perfect the eyebrows. 

It is important to be aware each individual heals uniquely.

12 to 18 months later, a retouch of colour is recommended, to permanently maintain the perfect brows.

Before treatment:                                                                        After Treatment: