Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine technique where glass, bamboo, or plastic cups are applied to the skin by creating a vacuum. The vacuum is created by one of 2 methods, either a flame is briefly inserted into the cup then withdrawn before the cup is quickly placed on the skin (it is important to note that flames are not used near the skin at any time), or by using cups which have a valve attachment allowing the vacuum to be created by pumping out the air. The vacuum created by the cup opens up the tissues, releases the facia, increases blood flow, and releases tension in the body/muscles to reduce pain and enable healing.

The two styes of cupping that we use are:

Static Cupping, where cups are placed on selected acupuncture points or areas of muscle which require treatment, this technique leaves the classic round marks that have become a familiar sight on olympic athletes.

Sliding Cupping, where a thin layer of oil is applied to the skin before the cup is attached, the cup is then moved over a larger area similar to receiving a massage but instead of pressure being pushed onto the body there is gentle pressure pulling upwards.

Cupping is commonly combined with acupuncture but can be very effective on its own. The suction caused by the cup can affect tissues up to 4 inches below the surface, making it an effective treatment for muscular pain, stiffness, and recovery. However, cupping can also be effective in the treatment of migraines, fatigue, anxiety, breathing issues and more. Receiving cupping from a qualified acupuncturist means we are able to work with the acupuncture points and channels, this makes it possible to treat manny of the same conditions that acupuncture is known to benefit.